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Available Services

Remote Work Cybersecurity Assessment

Evaluate the security of remote work setups, including devices, networks, and software, to ensure data protection.

Secure Video Conferencing Setup

Guide professionals in setting up and using secure video conferencing tools to prevent unauthorized access.

Data Backup and Recovery Plans

Help professionals set up automated data backup solutions and develop strategies for quick recovery in case of data loss.

Secure Cloud Storage Solutions

Recommend and configure secure cloud storage platforms for seamless and protected data access.

Workplace Device Encryption

Assist in encrypting laptops, desktops, and other devices used for work to prevent unauthorized data access.

Safe Data Sharing Practices

Provide guidance on securely sharing sensitive information with clients, partners, or colleagues.

Secure Email Communication Training

Teach professionals how to use encrypted email services and best practices for secure communication.

Mobile Device Security Strategies

Provide tips and tools for securing smartphones and tablets used for work, including app security and encryption.

VPN Implementation for Remote Access

Assist in setting up and configuring virtual private networks (VPNs) to secure remote access to corporate networks.

Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Programs

Develop and deliver ongoing cybersecurity training sessions for employees to stay informed about emerging threats.

Secure Remote Collaboration Tools

Recommend and configure secure collaboration tools for remote teams, including messaging, file sharing, and project management.

Business Travel Cybersecurity Guidelines

Offer advice on staying secure while traveling for work, including securing devices and using public Wi-Fi safely.

Secure Document Management Solutions

Recommend tools for secure file sharing and document collaboration among remote teams.

Phishing Simulation and Training

Conduct simulated phishing exercises to raise awareness and provide training to identify and avoid phishing attacks.

Social Engineering Awareness Training

Educate professionals about social engineering tactics and how to recognize and respond to them.

Secure Online Financial Transactions

Advise professionals on secure online banking and financial transactions, protecting personal and business finances.

Incident Response Planning

Develop comprehensive incident response plans to help professionals effectively handle cybersecurity incidents.

Personal Cyber Insurance Guidance

Provide information on personal cyber insurance options to protect against cyber-related risks.


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