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Available Services

Cybersecurity Workshops for Students

Offer educational workshops to students on topics like online privacy, safe social media usage, and secure browsing.

Password Management Training

Teach students how to create strong passwords and manage them using password management tools.

Social Media Privacy Workshop

Guide students on adjusting privacy settings, sharing responsibly, and protecting their digital reputation.

Remote Learning Cybersecurity Toolkit

Provide guidelines for secure online learning, including using virtual private networks (VPNs) and protecting online class sessions.

Student Data Privacy Compliance

Assist student organizations and clubs in complying with data privacy regulations when handling member information.

Student Device Security Package

Provide guidance on securing laptops, smartphones, and tablets, including antivirus software, firewalls, and encryption.

Phishing Awareness Sessions

Conduct interactive sessions to help students recognize phishing emails and scams.

Safe Online Gaming Practices

Advise students on securing gaming accounts, avoiding cheats, and protecting personal information.

Personal Data Protection for Students

Educate students about their rights regarding their personal data and how to manage it responsibly.

Internship and Job Search Security Tips

Educate students on how to secure their personal information when applying for internships and jobs online.

Secure Online Study Practices

Educate students on secure online research, source verification, and avoiding plagiarism.

Secure File Sharing Practices

Educate students on safe methods of sharing files and documents, both within and outside academic settings.

Student Cybersecurity Resource Hub

Create an online resource center with articles, videos, and tools tailored to student cybersecurity needs.

Safe Social Networking for Students

Offer advice on maintaining a positive digital footprint and using social media platforms safely.

Student Email Security Guidelines

Teach students about email security, recognizing phishing attempts, and best practices for handling attachments.


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