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Available Services

Child's Digital Safety Plan

Provide parents with a comprehensive plan to protect their children's online activities, including setting boundaries and monitoring tools.

Social Media Safety Workshop for Parents

Offer workshops to parents on understanding social media platforms, privacy settings, and helping children navigate them safely.

Secure Parent-Child Communication Tools

Recommend and set up secure messaging apps for parents and children to communicate safely.

Digital Etiquette and Responsible Use Guidelines

Educate parents on teaching children proper digital etiquette and responsible online behavior.

Monitoring and Reporting Tools

Recommend tools that allow parents to monitor their children's online activities and receive alerts about potential dangers.

Parental Control Setup

Guide parents in configuring parental control software to monitor and manage their children's online access.

Digital Footprint Assessment for Children

Evaluate children's online presence and advise parents on managing their digital footprint responsibly.

Safe Online Shopping and Gaming Tips for Parents

Provide parents with guidance on secure online shopping and responsible gaming practices for their children.

Safe Homework and Research Practices

Offer strategies for parents to help their children safely research and complete assignments online.

Social Media Reputation Management for Children

Assist parents in teaching children how to manage their digital reputation on social media.

Safe Online Gaming Practices for Kids

Advise parents on selecting age-appropriate games, managing in-game purchases, and protecting personal information.

Online Bullying and Cyberbullying Awareness

Educate parents about the signs of online bullying, how to support their children, and steps to take if their child is targeted.

Child's Device Security Package

Assist parents in securing their children's devices, including installing parental control apps, antivirus software, and privacy settings.

Children's Privacy Protection

Guide parents on safeguarding their children's personal information online and educating them about potential risks.

Parental Education Workshops

Host workshops to educate parents about the latest online trends, risks, and how to foster a safe online environment for their children.


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