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Mastering Mobile Application Penetration Testing - [Special Edition]

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- Mobile Application Security Masterclass Welcome to the Mobile Application Security Masterclass, a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in securing mobile applications. This program covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of penetration testing to advanced techniques in mobile app security, ensuring a holistic understanding of the subject matter. - What is this program about? In this masterclass, participants will delve into the intricate world of mobile application security, gaining insights into the landscape overview, penetration testing fundamentals, and the legal and ethical considerations surrounding mobile app assessments. The program is structured into 30 modules, each addressing crucial aspects of mobile app security. - Key Learning Objectives: 1. Comprehensive Understanding: Gain a holistic understanding of mobile app security, covering architecture, platforms, testing tools, and more. 2. Practical Application: Develop hands-on skills by exploring real-world scenarios, conducting penetration tests, and utilizing key tools. 3. Emerging Trends: Stay updated on current trends, future directions, and innovations in mobile app security. 4. Incident Response: Learn how to prepare for, detect, and respond to security incidents in mobile app environments. 5. Secure Development Practices: Understand the importance of secure coding, integrating security into the SDLC, and promoting awareness among developers. 6. Compliance and Standards: Explore regulatory compliance, industry best practices, and certifications in mobile app security. - Who Should Attend? - IT Professionals - Mobile App Developers - Security Analysts - Ethical Hackers - Penetration Testers - Security Enthusiasts - Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of cybersecurity concepts and mobile app development is recommended but not mandatory. Join us on this journey to master mobile application security, enhance your skills!



5 Plans Available, From ₹2,499.00 + ₹69.00 Instant Access and Setup Fee


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